Seattle Circa 4717 : a Gift for Minefairians, Seattleites, and Coast Salish Peoples

[UPDATE 11:35PM May 19, 2019: the Mad Professor is working on a PS3 conversion of the map that will require some moments free from work to get done. If you have time and are one of the Minefairians who was asking about this, you can also try doing the conversion yourself by using MCC Toolchest, and one of the existing maps from the Google Drive folder. If you are working on this on your own and want support, try joining our tech support Discord channel]

Seattle Circa 4717 : a Gift for Minefairians, Seattleites, and Coast Salish Peoples
A post-apocalyptic map of a reforested region reclaimed by Gaia and the Seas

  • All of the files for playing this map at home on your own device, including Bedrock and Java 1.12.2, 1.13.2, and 1.14 versions of the are available at

As you may be able to tell by the title of this blog post, this map was crafted as a gift to Minefaire Seattle participants and to all those who cannot attend physically to do so  via Minecraft. My workshop which I will be giving at 3pm on Saturday and Sunday May 18th and 19th, will begin in this map. It will either be the Java 1.14 version or possibly a Bedrock version if I am able to convert it by then. If anyone reading this wants to convert it to Bedrock on my behalf and share it… please do so! It must be the latest Village & Pillage or version 1.11. The title of my workshop is “The Magical Power of the Lectern for Crafting the City of Your Dreams“.

You can join the Java 1.14/Village and Pillage version of the map for live multiplayer now by following the instructions to join our 1.14 server now at

Also, please consider signing up for the amazing summer camp we are offering beginning in June. There are several two week long cohorts and for those who are not able to join on Oʻahu, it is designed to be a 100% online summer camp. You can learn more and register at

Without further ado, here are the screenshots and, in case you forgot, the Google Drive folder with all the maps:

I made the map using a combination of methods from a tutorial by Wizard Keen and an OpenTopography lesson by Jakob Menz

Screenshot (1454)Screenshot (1453)Screenshot (1456)Screenshot (1455)Screenshot (1457)

Screenshot (1440)
First I selected the area I wanted on
Screenshot (1441)
Screenshot (1444)
Layering of terrain in World Painter
Screenshot (1445)
Layering of biomes in World Painter

Screenshot (1446)

Screenshot (1447)
Additional quartz in the region…
Screenshot (1448)
Additional emerald in the Emerald City

Screenshot (1449)

Click image to enlarge or hyperlink in this caption for more about this map by Jeffrey Linn that inspired m4dpr0f to make Seattle Circa 4717

Islands of Seattle _ The Whole U.pdf