What’s going on with Cody right now?

Cody Lestelle

Peace all,

I have been through hell and back several times over the past week. Details forthcoming in memoirs. I wanted to throw this update on my blog real quick for anyone following here. Below you will see 1) a link to a crucial GoFundMe fundraiser I put together last night in the hopes of saving my household from crumbling amidst the compounding emergencies and traumas of the past moon cycle and 2) a video I shot yesterday as a form of art therapy and exploration of the AGILE Multiversity campus I have been building in community with over the past year. Thanks for reading and peeping.

  1. Please help if you can:
    [click below or past link above into browser to donate or share campaign]
  2. M4dpr0f chillin, reflecting, & reading in the AGILE Multiversity (feat. Beehive Design Collective)


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